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Breakthrough Days

Are you a headteacher, coach or teacher?

  • Would you like your staff, team or students to learn how to use NLP techniques to reach Peak Performance?
  • Have you heard about the benefits of incorporating mental training and would like to know more?
  • Do you enjoy sports psychology and would like to use all of the latest techniques the successful pros are using?
  • Are you curious to know the secrets of using simple, scientifically proven techniques to gain clarity and focus?
  • Would you like to know how to get from 'good' to 'great?'


A positive mindset is imperative for children to be happy and to reach their full potential. Children today are facing unprecedented pressures and challenge in an ever changing world. I truly believe in providing opportunities to cope with anxiety, stress and to promote greater wellbeing.

Having spent time discussing the mindfulness programme with Claire, I know she has the passion and skills to support and to make a difference. As an Executive Headteacher of two primary schools I am working with Claire to promote resilience and self confidence in my schools. The support Claire provides is invaluable and

I fully recommend the Positive Mindfulness programme offered by Pivotal Mind.

Mr Wayne Jones

Executive Headteacher

If so, I have 2 fantastic courses to introduce to you:

Achieving Peak Performance in Sport - (KIDS' 8 WEEK COURSE STARTING JANUARY 2018) 

Course includes:

  1.  Knowing the simple equation for peak performance
  2. The importance of structured well-formed goal setting
  3. Mental rehearsal for optimum performance
  4. The power of positive self-talk
  5.  How to combat internal and external distractions
  6. Relaxation techniques to conquer fear, failure and self-doubt
  7. x 2 MP3 audios
  8. Full course student workbook
  9. Live demonstrations to learn how to 'anchor' positive states
  10. Q & A time to answer specific questions


The 5 Most Common Mistakes Sports Coaches, PTs & PE Staff make when coaching young athletes - this course covers:

  1. Changing your perspective to understand how your student processes information
  2. Building rapport with different personality types 
  3. Understanding how the human mind works & learns 
  4. Increasing or adapting your communication skills to gain optimum results
  5. Using positive commands to trick the brain to outperform each time



  • The 30min Express Happiness Guide
  • Half-day Staff Training Workshop - for a happy & productive staff using NLP & Positive Psychology
  • Stress busting for busy SMT - stay in control of your body, mind & emotions so you can lead effectively
  • 7 ways to banish anxiety before inspection - learn the strategies now so you can use them at anytime, any place & in any situation.


  • A child's guide to meditation, mindfulness & mandala work
  • Let's smash our fears! half-day children's workshop - building mental toughness through mindfulness and self-belief
  • I am proud of me - half-day children's workshop to eliminate self-doubt and encourage learning, creativity & motivation
  • Survive the exam season! (Running through May & June - please refer to the Pivotal Mind Facebook Page 



If you would like to book me for an event or wish to know more about any of these programmes and how they could benefit you, your staff or clients please send me an email to