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In 2016 stress was responsible for 50% of sick days in the United Kingdom.

Increased levels of job stress have been associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders in the USA. 

If you are suffering with headaches, lack of sleep, irritability and feelings of helplessness or losing control, you are most probably experiencing stress.

You are putting unnecessary pressure on your mental wellness and your vital organs which may lead to anxiety, depression and physical illness.

Make the commitment to make changes to your health by joining Tuesday lunchtime workshops lead by Applied Positive Psychologist Claire Peirson.

Discover easy to implement solutions, skills and strategies to feel more in control of your emotions, the way you handle conflict and challenging situations.

During these hour long sessions you will learn

  • Why we experience stress - the science behind the mind
  • Neuroscience techniques to rebuild brain pathways for optimistic thought patterns
  • Breathing techniques used by professional athletes to calm and focus the mind
  • Self-assessment tools to manage your stress
  • NLP techniques to improve positive self-talk

These are interactive workshops with lots of opportunities for discussion, plenty of exercises and lots of practical take aways.

Starting Tuesday 12th September 12pm for 8 consecutive weeks.

Price AED2450

EARLY BIRD PRICE AED1950 for payments made before 1st September 2017

Places can be secured by making payment via Paypal to claire@pivotalmind.com