If you have questions in mind regarding the PPI Programmes then some of the answers maybe in the following FAQs below.

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  • 1) How many children will be part of his group? What is the age spectrum?

The age spectrum is 8-12 years & there will be a maximum of 8 participants

  • 2) The method of communication is only email at present. There is no contact phone number in your website. Will a number be provided to us?

Yes, I Whatsapp all clients once registration is confirmed. You can reach my on a call whenever, message me on Whatsapp and you will also be a part of a closed exclusive Facebook Group that is only accesible for all PPI members.

  • 3) Is AED 2500 an all inclusive fee for this program? What if, in the unlikely event that a child doesn’t want to return after one class, would any amount be refundable? If not, is there a facility to pay as we go?

This is an all inclusive price. A refund will be given for remaining sessions if the child refuses to come back.

  • 4) Are parents allowed to sit in the session? Will any notes be provided about what has been discussed, in case parents aren’t allowed. Sometimes children may not open up about what methods were taught, and I want to ensure I can continue with the encouragement at home.

No, there’s not enough room for parents to sit in. However, weekly emails are sent out containing a supplementary video for your child to watch so all objectives are reinforced, there is a 20 page workbook for your child to complete at their own pace each week & a video from me explaining how to support your child between sessions. You are invited to contact me through WhatsApp throughout the duration of the 6-week intervention to discuss your child’s progress. I’ll be working to support you through this journey too.

After the sessions are completed, I will continue to email you with support and guidance on follow-up work & a maintenance program.

You will also be given free access to the online version of this PPI (positive psychology intervention) that launches in February. This will enable you to go back and re-visit areas and have access to me during live weekly Q&As.

After the 6-week positive psychology intervention you have the option to book an individual session with me at a reduced rate