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Pivotal Mind

Boosting self-esteem, confidence & mental toughness

Watch your child transform into a self-assured young adult, armed with the life skills needed to cope with the stresses and strains of exams, sports tournaments, school and friendships.


Claire Peirson is an experienced therapist working with athletes,  children and teens to inspire a champion mindset, fulfill potential and develop resilience, determination and perseverance.


Where to find us....


Pivotal Mind,
514, Arenco Building 4,
Green Community,
(Opposite Courtyard by Marriot Dubai)
Dubai Investment Park,
PO Box 75027


What they say about us...


"I highly recommend sessions with Claire. She gets it and doesn't aim to cure but aims to give coping skills - the only thing that will and can work with anxiety."


"Claire calmed me down and made me feel extremely relaxed. I feel way more confident than I was before and able to control my fear. "


"I brought my 11 year old son to see Claire when he was suffering quite badly with a fear of the dark and of corridors. I assumed it would take months of therapy to sort him out so I was amazed by the progress Claire made with him, even after just one session"


"Claire builds a very good rapport with children instantly, she has a certain way of gaining their admiration and respect which instantly then helps with the talk or workshop she is giving."