You need some help but you’re not sure what help is right for you and your child….

Pick which scenario fits you the best: :

Do it yourself - no major problems please send me some ideas, printable downloads & videos so I can add these resources to my parental toolkit.

My kids are all fine & bouncing along in life all pretty dandy. We have the odd bump every now & again but nothing I can’t deal with. I’m really interested in positive parenting and making sure my children are taking responsibility for their mental well-being so please keep sending me printable downloads, resources and loads of relevant, useful and up to date tips and swipe files so I can use them when I need them.

Done with you - we need some guidance - nothing major, just some anxiety & confidence boosting issues - please sign my child up for one of the Positive Psychology Interventions (P.P.I).

Things are not going great at the minute and I could do with some help and advice to improve my child’s mental wellbeing. Their behaviour is not reflecting the best of their character and I’m concerned that if I don’t do something soon the situation is going to get worse. I’m on a budget and could really do with a sounding board, some direct advice and a supportive community so I can learn and help my child implement the strategies.

Sounds like you? Then select below one the 3 options for the Positive Psychology Interventions (P.P.I) programmes.

Book the next Group P.P.I at the Pivotal Mind HQ

Get on the waiting list for updates on future Group P.P.I programmes

Pre-order the Online P.P.I Programme launching 7th March

Done for you - things are really critical here & we need to speak to an experienced psychotherapist who has the skills to work with young people who have severe emotional and behavioural problems

I’m in an absolute state here - things have gone from bad to worse. My child is desperately unhappy & I have no idea what to do next or who to turn to for support. This needs to be sorted immediately and I need the help and expertise of a professional mental health worker to get us through this awful situation right now. This is affecting the whole family & we need an immediate intervention.

If you feel you are in this situation then I then I suggest you get on an urgent strategy call with me. Let’s talk through this and discuss options, schedule a call in my calendar below.