Positive Psychology Intervention - Online Programme (Pre-Order)

Positive Psychology Intervention - Online Programme (Pre-Order)

199.00 300.00

* Exclusive Member log-in for a online workspace portal for your child

* 2 years of development & research, trialled in schools gaining great feedback from parents, teachers and participants

* An affordable alternative without fixed time schedules allowing you to complete the course in your own time

* Behind the scenes access/support from Claire

* Downloadable swipe files for your child to use

* Exclusive access to Facebook group for Paid P.P.I members

* 6 illustrated videos

* 6 x 20-page printable booklets

* 6 live online webinars for Q&A's

* Daily email reminders

* 6 Case studies with swipe files

* 6 Mp3 audios

* Resources are easy for your child to access. Simply log-in;- Read, Watch, Listen or Do and it will increase well-being, help them take responsibility and learn coping skills

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