Group P.P.I Programme

6 Week Course starting Tuesday 5th March

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  • Group Interactive sessions at Pivotal Mind HQ
  • Practical activities modelled from ACT & CBT frameworks
  • Talk Therapy
  • Group interaction
  • Exclusive access to Facebook group for Paid P.P.I members
  • Free access to complete Online P.P.I Programme launching in March (see below)
  • Gain life-long skills of managing anxiety & emotions allowing your child to deal with stressful events
  • Develop assertiveness to discuss emotions
  • Boost confidence in social situations
  • Become a mentally healthy individual realising their happiness & wellness is up to them
  • Respond to stressful events, be prepared for tests and handle conflict with confidence & assertive communication skills

Online P.P.I Programme

Launches Monday 1st April - Get Early Bird Pre-Launch Price Now

Pre-order for $199 - (RRP = $300) *pre-order price ends 6th March

  • Exclusive Member log-in for a online workspace portal for your child
  • 2 years of development & research, trialled in schools gaining great feedback from parents, teachers and participants
  • An affordable alternative without fixed time schedules allowing you to complete the course in your own time
  • Behind the scenes access/support from Claire
  • Downloadable swipe files for your child to use
  • Exclusive access to Facebook group for Paid P.P.I members
  • 6 illustrated videos
  • 6 x 20-page printable booklets
  • 6 live online webinars for Q&A's
  • Daily email reminders
  • 6 Case studies with swipe files
  • 6 Mp3 audios
  • Resources are easy for your child to access. Simply log-in;- Read, Watch, Listen or Do and it will increase well-being, help them take responsibility and learn coping skills

Here’s what they both include;


Module 1 - The Mental Strength upgrade | Workbook 1 - Worry/Finding Solutions

◦    Intro to worrying 
◦    Well-being check in to see how things are going 
◦    Goal setting/ focus
◦    A timeline to show past rumination & ‘fortune telling’
◦    7-day worry monster & self-coaching 
◦    7-day plan with scheduled worry/ solution time
◦    Theory
◦    Activity - instructions for making a worry monster

Module 2 - The Stress Response | Workbook 2 - Anger-assertivness & communication

◦    Anger intro 
◦    Understanding fear/ stress/ being misunderstood/ frustrated 
◦    Anger thermometer
◦    Things you can do when you need to let off steam: hit a pillow/ throw a ball/ run/ jump
◦    Positive emotions - what are they? Where do you experience them in the body? 
◦    Meaningful connections 
◦    How can you get more? 
◦    The Intervention - random acts of kindness 7 day
◦    Activity instructions for making a stress ball/ slime

Module 3 - The Stop Technique | Workbook 3 - Fear Managing

◦    Intro to fear
◦    The Stop Technique
◦    Mind Munchies
◦    Where do you experience fear in the body? 
◦    Focus on your breathing
◦    Fear of failure
◦    Fear of looking silly in front of others
◦    Separation anxiety
◦    Swipe file - Things I can say to myself when I feel scared
◦    Gratitudes/ resilience 
◦    7 day journaling 
◦    Activity instructions for bubble blower

Module 4 - The Mindset Reboot | Workbook 4 - Self-Talk & Mindset

◦    Intro to positive self-talk and mindset 
◦    Thought-feeling-behaviour
◦    Monitoring thoughts
◦    Not all thoughts are true - some are simply stories we’ve told ourselves
◦    What is the story you’ve told yourself?
◦    Victim mindset to survivor mindset
◦    Growth mindset swipe file 
◦    Affirmations
◦    Affirmations Activities

Module 5 -Coping Skills Toolbox | Workbook 5 - Coping & Flourishing

◦    Intro to coping & mindfulness 
◦    What is mindfulness? 
◦    Things you can do everyday to be more mindful (mind empty!) 
◦    Coping skills box
◦    The Intervention – 7-day mindfulness
◦    Flourishing Theory
◦    Activity - making a coping skills toolbox

Module 6 - Keeping Calm Strategies | Workbook 6 - Meditation & Breathing

◦    Intro to relaxation & meditation
◦    Hurdles to meditation
◦    Mandalas
◦    Flow - what do you love doing? When does time disappear? 
◦    Breathing exercises
◦    Things I can do to calm down & relax checklist
◦    Activity - glitter meditation jar


◦    What next? 
◦    Daily habits
◦    Gratitude
◦    Exercise
◦    Journaling
◦    Random acts of kindness
◦    Mediation
◦    Mindfulness
◦    Positive emotions
◦    Flow
◦    My mental well-being
◦    My happiness is my responsibility 
◦    My maintenance programme 
◦    Steps for success

See what the kids say about the

Positive Psychology Interventions

I asked a some of the participants from my PPI Group Sessions to illustrate how they felt before and after the 6 week programmes. The results are epic!