This is what clients are saying...


"Living with a child suffering from extreme anxiety leading to depression which springs from literally nowhere is devastating, frustrating and worrying. I searched and googled for help. I went to the Drs hoping for a magical cure and meanwhile paid a fortune for a course of CBT which was based on avoidance and ignoring the anxiety through self talk. None of this worked for us and meanwhile the anxiety worsened. Then we found Pivotal Mind and started some mindfulness relaxation and exploration of facing the anxiety head on. We learnt to befriend it, accept it and then deal with it. Baby steps.. We aren't there yet but we are in a better place and we are not scared anymore. I am back to parenting and my child is back to a pretty normal life with her anxiety. Maybe it will be with her for ever who knows but it doesn't matter if it is as we have strategies that work which we learned together. I highly recommend sessions with Claire. She gets it and doesn't aim to cure but aims to give coping skills - the only thing that will and can work with anxiety."


"I brought my 11 year old son to see Claire when he was suffering quite badly with a fear of the dark and of corridors. I assumed it would take months of therapy to sort him out so was amazed by the progress Claire made with him, even after just one session.

Claire explained to me how she had approached his therapy (she used "parts therapy") , breaking it down into lay man's terms, and gave me some simple daily exercises to go through with him to help with confidence building.

He is now like a different child, his confidence restored, and is back able to do the things that most people just take for granted.

I am so relieved we found Claire- it was crazy the workarounds we were doing to live with his issues; I can't believed we all suffered for so long!

Thanks so much Claire!"

- parent of a year 7 boy


"Claire calmed me down and made me feel extremely relaxed. I feel way more confident than I was before and able to control my fear. "

Harry 12


"Claire Peirson, as part of her role in her company Pivitol Mind, volunteered her time to speak to our cohort of year 6 children just before their SATs tests and before they ventured off to secondary school. After which she then provided a workshop to a slightly smaller group of year 6 children. This group were specifically selected due to their anxieties and we, as teachers, felt that would benefit the most out of the workshop.

Every child had something positive to say about the experience, whether they had been part of just the initial talk or both the talk and the workshop. When speaking to the children after, it was clear to see the immediate positive impact both the talk and the workshop had on all children. The children that did the workshop practically came out bouncing and were very animated abut the experience they had. It was extremely great to see, children normally lacking in confidence, looking so positive and feeling good about themselves.

Claire builds a very good rapport with children instantly, she has a certain way of gaining their admiration and respect which instantly then helps with the talk or workshop she is giving. I would recommend Claire's workshops/ sessions to any parent who is interested in helping their child become more confident, build self esteem or have children that perhaps have a tendency to worry or feel anxious. Growing up is such a difficult time in this day and age, if anyone can help them feel more at ease, Claire can."

Natasha Spencer