Claire Peirson

I started my career in the primary classroom, working in schools in the UK,  Dubai, The British Council and giving private study sessions to children of one of the UAE Ruling Families. 

I am married with two daughters and have lived in Dubai since 1999. I have always been fascinated by Positive Psychology, Motivation and Mental Toughness. During my teaching career students were often subjected to reframing techniques, breathing strategies and my biofeedback machine to promote calm, clarity and focus in the lessons.

The children responded so enthusiastically that I found myself more and more drawn to the study of positive psychology  - especially in the areas of happiness, resilience and performance, so I embarked on many years of re-training to become as qualified as possible in this field.

Since then I have been working with children, adolescents and professional athletes to develop confidence, positive self-talk and a champion mindset.

M.Sc Applied Positive Psychology, BA Hons Education QTS, CELTA, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy – EICH, Diploma in Advanced Hypnoanalysis – EICH, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Society of NLP™ Licensed Coach, Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) including the psychology of Depression, Grieving & Loss, Active Hypnobirthing and Advanced Pain Management, Dr Paul Eckman Group Evaluating Lies & Credibility (ETac), Accredited Member of the association for U.K. Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Everyone has the ability to flourish.

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