Who am I and What the heck is going on?

This is an online membership portal for your child that is filled to the brim with the resources to help your child manage emotions and anxiety-related behavior.

Module 1
The Mental Strength Video

This module is based around positive self-coaching. Your child will learn how to organise their worries, self-coach themselves and find solutions. The 7 Day Intervention is to make and use their worry monster.

Module 2
The Stress Response Video

This module concentrates on assertiveness and communication skills. Your child will investigate different types of anger and learn how to value their beliefs without letting emotions take over. The 7 Day Intervention is a random acts of kindness challenge.

Module 3
The Stop Technique Video

Positive emotions and breathing techniques are top of the agenda in this module. Your child will learn the most effective strategy for managing fear - a great technique used by top athletes. The 7 Day Intervention is a gratitudes challenge.

Module 4
The Mindset Reboot Video

A positive mindset will increase your child's confidence and this module explores how thoughts can hold you back or make you brave enough to try new adventures. The 7 Day Intervention is all about using affirmations to build mental strength.

Module 5
The Coping Skills Toolbox Video

Module 5 teaches your child about flourishing, flow and happiness. They will investigate lots of coping skills to still the mind and relax the body. The 7 Day intervention involves a glitter jar and meditation - always a favourite with the children!

Module 6
Keep Calm Strategies Video

This last module explores the areas of mindfulness and positive therapy. Your child will learn how to keep calm by bringing their mind to the present moment. The 7 Day Intervention is a mindfulness activity.

I’ll encourage them to take action to bring their happiness levels up. They will learn interventions (evidence-based) that increase children’s well-being.

Your child is going to be taught the fundamentals of positive psychology. You know all of these self-help books/ life coaches/ Tony Robbins/ Oprah methods...? Your child will learn these: factual science led - I’ve done the research; I’ve got the experience and I’ve developed the work into small bite size pieces that your child can dive into.

Investing in our children’s mental health & well-being is your investing in our future: the next generation who will become parents, leaders & mentors


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