30 minute parent masterclass

⭐️ key take-aways ⭐️ behind the scenes secrets ⭐️ therapist hacks ⭐️ bonus action plan  ⭐️ coaching workbook ⭐️


Are you ready to learn the strategies we use in therapy sessions? In 30 minutes you are going to learn these therapeutic skills to stop anxiety taking over your family:

🌟 Step 1 - Understand Your Child’s Core Fear

  • I will give you the exact questions to ask and when to ask them to understand your child’s core fear and how it links all their anxiety themes together. This is the most important part of anxiety management you need to know to support your child.
  • You’ll learn what to say and more importantly, what NOT to say when your child clams up and refuses to talk. You have a script to refer to and prompts so that when your child shrugs and says ‘I don’t know’  when you ask them what’s bothering them, you have a guaranteed way of getting the answers you need to help them understand their worries.

🌟 Step 2 - Know what to say & when to say it to stop anxiety getting worse

  • You’ll learn what parenting style you have and how you can make small changes to the way you talk to your child to make sure you are not making their anxiety worse. There will be things you’re doing that you think are protecting your child, but it’s the opposite. I will show you what to stop doing and how to respond instead.
  • I will give you the ‘sweet spot’ of working as a parenting dream team - even when you have different parenting styles or you are arguing with your partner about how to handle your child’s anxious behaviour. I have the best tip for you here to ensure success. It’s an absolute win win!
  • You’ll investigate the anxiety themes your child has (absolutely crucial) and what you can do to help them get ‘unstuck’ from bad thoughts to help them tolerate uncertainty and cope with the discomfort of anxiety. This is gold - you need to know this!

🌟 Step 3 - Recognise you child’s Safety Behaviours

  • The final part of the jigsaw is knowing what makes your child’s anxiety worse and how you can stop it taking over your family. Knowing this is going to be a revelation for you - it’s the big ‘a-ha’ moment for most parents as you see what you can do to stop the anxiety being a big roadblock in your child’s life.
  • You will know when to play good cop and when to call out bad cop on your child’s behaviour. No more second guessing yourself…am I being to harsh, too soft, am I doing the right thing? I’ve got you and I’m going to give you the exact steps to take so you can confidently parent your way through the chaos when anxiety tries to take over. 

Watching your child self-regulate and face their fears is your reward for finishing the 3 steps. You’ve got this - now go get started. It’s so much simpler than you think!

✨ Bonus - Parent Coaching Action Plan ✨

Get a taster of what it’s like working with me in the Anxiety Busting Bootcamp where I lay out the exact process I use for my young anxiety therapy clients. I teach you what I do in sessions so you can use the same strategies at home.

💥 What’s included:

  • 5 short videos with walkthrough of steps
  • Workbook with scripts, prompts, checklist and action plan 💥

I am ready to start my journey

⭐️ 30 minutes of key take-aways ⭐️ behind the scenes ⭐️ secrets of a therapist ⭐️ bonus action plan ⭐️ parent coaching workbook ⭐️

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