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These are some of my favorite thought-provoking, emotion-stirring, intuition sparking and bottom of your stomach – gut-wrenching questions I ask clients when they come to me with big decisions to make.

 As a coach, it is never my job to lead, pressure or influence. My job is to get to the bottom of what… YOU WANT TO HAPPEN.

 At first maybe what you want is a foggy image lurking in the distance, maybe it’s something you only dream about when by yourself, perhaps fear is preventing you from creating even a vision, let alone saying it out loud.

 However, YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS, they may be buried deep but they are there and you know exactly what to do and how & when to do it.


 So, let’s get to it – grab a pen, some paper or open up your Evernote App and let’s get started.


 1.     What is possible? Sit quietly, close your eyes and dream… if you’re a visual person you’ll see images; an auditory individual will hear words or snippets of conversation and a kinaesthetic soul will experience feelings in the body… engaging all the senses will be highly effective in your ‘day-dreaming.’

2.     What is the opportunity here? Have you given serious thought to what your life will look like when you are living the life you want? Who can help you on your path? What can you do to accelerate to that life? What resources (contacts/ knowledge/ help) are staring you in the face and you just haven’t realized…? Start asking the universe to help you and you will be AMAZED at how many resources will fall into your lap and help you on your path. People are kind and they enjoy helping others – utilize this and return the favor when it’s your turn.

3.     What if it works out exactly as you want it to? Yep, it does happen you know. Your life can and will work out exactly as you want it to. Start believing – get yourself there. See it now.

4.     If you could do it again, what would you do differently? Being able to look back in retrospect at your previous challenges, decisions, bumps, wrong turns, and learn from past mistakes without judgment or blame will allow you to grow more mentally tough. Yes, perhaps it wasn’t perfect the first time, maybe things didn’t go to plan – what have you learned from this? How is this going to guide your future decision-making? You will have learned a LOT about yourself in times of stress. What did you learn & how did it enable you to transform into a stronger individual?

5.     What is the challenge? Be a grown-up about this - predict, plan and prepare for the challenges ahead: what/ who could be distractions or interferences? How are you going to deal with that? How will you prepare for yourself? Be ready for them and they won’t come as a shock – they may not come at all. If fear has been governing your thought process, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the reality is a lot less dramatic than your self-limiting imagination.

6.     How does this fit with your plans? Who? When? What? How? What is your current situation and the environment? Who is this going to affect and how are you going to deal with it?

7.     How does it fit with your values? Family, money, independence, honesty, and integrity… the list is endless and your values will be unique to you. Give great thought to contentious matters or conflicts of interest. If it feels wrong – explore that feeling. Where is it coming from and will you be able to sit easily with the decision when it’s made?

8.     What is a dream? Fanciful, indulgent, whimsical or just plain bonkers… it’s your dream so exercise the right to dream it!

9.     What is exciting to you about this? When are you getting those bubbles of excitement, a curl of the lips or those waves of anticipation? Focus on this – it will be your motivation.

10. How else could a person handle this? Bring to mind real, living, dead or mythical role models, people you admire and respect. What would they do? How would it feel to be in their shoes making that decision? What are they saying to you right now?

11. What is the urge? Go back to your motivation and the excitement – where does this stem from? Is this urge a positive or negative influence on your life? How are you going to use and handle it to benefit your future?

12. What does your intuition tell you? As mentioned in the beginning… all you have to do is listen to your Inner Voice because it only has your best interests at heart. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO – THE ANSWERS ARE ALL INSIDE.


Good luck – let me know how it goes.


Wishing you peace, light & love,


Claire x


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