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Hello there! Do you ever find yourself wondering if you're unintentionally making your child's anxiety worse? Today, we're going to explore this topic with empathy and understanding, helping you navigate through this common concern.

First, let's remember that parenting is a journey, and we all want what's best for our children. It's natural to question our role in their anxiety."

Think of anxiety as a puzzle with many interconnected pieces. Our actions and responses are just one part of the puzzle. So, let's unravel the complexity together."

As parents, we play an essential role in our child's anxiety journey. The good news is that there are strategies we can use to create a positive impact.

Parent-child engagement

Empathy is key. It's important to approach your child's anxiety with understanding and compassion. Remember, their emotions are valid and real."

Parent offering support

Instead of blaming ourselves, let's focus on providing a safe and supportive environment for our children. Your presence alone can make a significant difference."

Parent learning and growing

Education is power. By learning about anxiety and its triggers, we gain insights that help us respond effectively. Knowledge empowers us to be the best support system."

Tools and resources

There are many tools and resources available to help you navigate your child's anxiety journey. Seek guidance from professionals, join support groups, or explore helpful books and websites."

Parent-child interaction with a positive outcome

Remember, it's a journey of progress, not perfection. Celebrate small victories along the way and acknowledge your efforts in creating a nurturing environment for your child."

Together, we can solve the puzzle of anxiety. By being understanding, seeking knowledge, and providing support, we can make a positive difference in our child's life."

Thank you for reading. Remember, you're doing an amazing job as a parent. Let's continue supporting each other as we navigate the path of parenting through anxiety. Join The 3 Essential Skills Masterclass for more in depth training to support your anxious child or teen.



With a career working with young people spanning 20+ years, I'm privileged to have worked with hundreds of families in the Middle East and worldwide.

From teaching in primary schools, mindset coaching pro golfers to individual psychotherapy, I have focused my career on performance, dealing with intrusive thoughts and controlling anxious behaviour.

I now specialise in anxiety and OCD therapy for young people and coaching parents and schools how to support young people struggling with their worries.

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