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Understanding Anxiety Symptoms in Children: Signs and Empowering Coping Strategies

Do you want to better understand anxiety symptoms in children? In this short blog we'll explore common signs and share empowering coping strategies for both you and your child.

Give it a Personality

Childhood anxiety is a common experience, but there are ways to help your child cope. One effective approach is to detach from anxiety and give it a personality.

By giving anxiety a personality, it becomes something you can all focus on and deal with, without your child feeling victimised, shamed, or judged.

Detaching from Anxiety

Detaching from anxiety allows you to see it as a separate entity rather than an integral part of your child.

Encourage your child to detach from anxiety by using phrases like, 'My anxiety wants me to avoid this playdate,' or 'My anxiety tells me I can't handle social gatherings.'

Empowering Coping Strategies

Now, let's explore some empowering coping strategies to manage anxiety."

Teach your child to recognise when anxiety is trying to influence their actions. Encourage them to say, 'I know I'm not in danger; I'm just a bit scared, and I can cope with being scared.'"

Reducing Safety Behaviours

Anxiety tends to thrive on safety behaviours. Gradually reduce your child's need for reassurance, distraction techniques and avoidance of day to day activities.

In our Anxiety Busting Bootcamp membership, we go into lots of detail about all of these skills and we have a great activity that helps reduce your child's anxiety's need for reassurance.

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Remember, detaching from anxiety and empowering your child with coping strategies can make anxiety more manageable for the whole family.



With a career working with young people spanning 20+ years, I'm privileged to have worked with hundreds of families in the Middle East and worldwide.

From teaching in primary schools, mindset coaching pro golfers to individual psychotherapy, I have focused my career on performance, dealing with intrusive thoughts and controlling anxious behaviour.

I now specialise in anxiety and OCD therapy for young people and coaching parents and schools how to support young people struggling with their worries.

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