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UAE Schools closed due to Corona Virus

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

Okay, so the UAE government have announced today that all schools will be closed for next 4 weeks starting from Sunday to stop the spread of the coronavirus

This is a crucial time for our GCSE & A’level students who follow a curriculum based on the end of year exams to pass.

Are we going to sit around moaning about how unfair it is - no, of course, we’re not

It’s happened
Let’s deal with it
What are we going to do?

Let our children get up at noon, binge on Uber eats & watch Netflix all day...?!

Of course not - we’ll get a plan in place!

The school leaders aren’t panicking, the KHDA aren’t panicking

Our kids won’t flounder because we won’t let them!

Absolutely Not!

Don’t get sucked into this collective victim mindset - it’s terrible, it’s going to end in disaster

Let’s give our teens the coping skills to respond to a challenge & bounce back from adversity

It will make them tougher & more resilient!

Let’s do this!

Let’s make the most out of this situation & teach our children how to be flexible, resourceful and adaptable

We are raising future leaders here!

Children who will be responsible for staff, who will have to adhere to deadlines, who will work from home & have to be highly motivated.

Let’s Get to grips with what’s happening & push on!

Don’t fall into the doom & gloom gang - look for solutions to problems & get an action plan in place!

Let’s do something constructive & proactive

Get these teens in the right mindset to pass their exams & be at the top of their mental performance.

What is going to motivate your child to get off their backside & do the absolute best performance in their exams?

As my husband loves quoting - preparation & planning prevents Pee poor performance.

We can show our children how to Get organised now & reap the benefits in May/ June during exam season

Let’s say to our kids... Imagine how amazing you’re going to feel when you complete that last sentence on that last exam knowing you have done everything in your power to reach your potential - it’s going to feel epic!

See yourself now walking away from that exam hall so proud that you dug deep & committed to being at your absolute best mental peak even though there was a world health crisis going on!

Now, a Motivated mindset - it understands the rewards that come after hard work

Hedonic versus eudaemonic happiness. When you’ve worked for it. The eudaenomic is when you’ve had to work hard for something. It’s a hard craft but oh my goodness - will you feel amazing afterwards

There’s nothing more disappointing than underachieving - it’s an awful feeling

Your child won’t feel that because you’re going to be there motivating them & telling them to get their act together!

Trust the process
It will be what it will be & it will be fine

We’re all in the same boat! Let’s support each other & get through this with equal amounts of acceptance, resilience & humour!

I’ve got myself all fired up!

I’m Claire Peirson from Pivotal Mind


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