How Not to Treat Childhood Anxiety & OCD

How Not to Treat Childhood Anxiety & OCD

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In the treatment of anxiety, there are lots of options available. It can be so overwhelming sifting through Google searches, looking at different therapists and their varied approaches.

Be aware when a therapist wants to focus just on breathing techniques, mindfulness or other self-regulation strategies.

These are all great therapies and I 100% believe in teaching them to children.

However, they are a small part of the big picture.

Look for a therapist who also offers Exposure Therapy, because it is widely supported by research and is known as the 'Gold Standard' for 'busting anxiety'.

It takes a lot of commitment and personal accountability. It is not for everyone!

It is a solution-focused and practical therapy, that involves regular communication with parents to ensure exposures are being completed at home.

At Pivotal Mind, we make it fun by motivating children with bravery rewards when they have faced their fears.

Here are some of the comments from our young members of the Anxiety Busting Bootcamp...

"I am going to bed on my own now!"

"I was having panic attacks about exams but after joining the membership I learnt how to face my fears and calm myself down, I got all As and A* in my GCSE mocks."

"I've stopped worrying what other people think about me. I can't control what they think."

"I'm working on being away from my parents for longer times."

We encourage our children to face their fears head on.

🛑 Not in a sink or swim way - that's just cruel!

Exposure therapy is recognising what your child is avoiding e.g. needles and then slowly introduce them to: talk about needles, draw pictures of needles, look at photos, watch videos.

🪜We call this a Fear Hierarchy - the bottom steps of the ladder are low fears - gradually increasing to the most feared situations, like getting a vaccine.

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With a career working with young people spanning 20+ years, I'm privileged to have worked with hundreds of families in the Middle East and worldwide.

From teaching in primary schools, mindset coaching pro golfers to individual psychotherapy, I have focused my career on performance, dealing with intrusive thoughts and controlling anxious behaviour.

I now specialise in anxiety and OCD therapy for young people and coaching parents and schools how to support young people struggling with their worries.

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