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6 Things to do Over Spring Break to Increse Confidence & Bust Anxiety

The holidays are coming! This is a great opportunity to work on some confidence building.

Journeys, new adventures and visiting friends and relatives can be an exciting time for some children but an absolute horror story for anxious children who don't like change and need lots of reassurance with last minute decisions.

Put these quick tips into action and make a plan to bust your child's anxiety and increase their confidence.

1️⃣ Encourage them to make bookings over the phone. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Face that fear!

2️⃣ Ask them to order for themselves at restaurants - don't be tempted to order for them. Avoidance is a safety behaviour. They can do it!

3️⃣ Talk about times when you've been embarrassed. Discuss that being silly, making mistakes and failing are natural parts of life. Empathise with their fears but acknowledge that they can cope!

4️⃣ Notice things they're avoiding and make a list. Aim to tackle one thing off the list every couple of days over the holidays and reward their efforts with a prize to keep them motivated!

5️⃣ Stop over-reassuring them. Once is enough, after that you're talking to their anxiety. Reassurance accommodates anxiety. Ask them 'Are you in danger or just a bit scared?' Danger should be avoided, being scared is natural and okay, so keep pushing through!

6️⃣ Try new things! Fail at things in front of your children to normalise that making mistakes is all part of learning.

 What's your favourite tip?

Have a brilliant Spring Break. We're taking a break at Pivotal Mind Child Therapy. Therapy sessions start back on Tuesday 12th April.


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