Find your Character Strengths

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This is such a great positive psychology activity to do with your teens.

Think of character strengths as personality muscles in that some are stronger and more developed.

Knowing your strengths and limitations helps you focus on making the best of who you are. To truly do what you can do best while improving in other areas.

A strengths-based approach is honest - viewing yourself for who you are not the way others want you to be,

it's positive, helping you remember to focus on what is good and strong in you, rather than your problems and weaknesses.

Empowering offering you a boost of encouragement, whenever you need it.

energising, giving you the fuel you need to keep on top of your game connective helping you build healthy relationships with friends, family, and other important people in your life.

So why follow a strengths-based approach? Well, knowing your strengths may help you be happier, have better relationships, improve your health,

Boost your performance at school, and accomplish your goals. So flexing those character strengths and really knowing, yours is complete, win, win.

I’m not affiliated with this at all - it’s a resource I use in my therapy room with all my teenage clients to help them understand what they’re naturally good at & how they can use their character strengths for solving problems & dealing with adversity.

Every teen should take this! It’s so interesting & helpful

I’m going to show you exactly what to do.


With a career working with young people spanning 20+ years, I'm privileged to have worked with hundreds of families in the Middle East and worldwide.

From teaching in primary schools, mindset coaching pro golfers to individual psychotherapy, I have focused my career on performance, dealing with intrusive thoughts and controlling anxious behaviour.

I now specialise in anxiety and OCD therapy for young people and coaching parents and schools how to support young people struggling with their worries.

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