Therapy Programs for Children & Adolescents Who Want to
Manage Anxiety.

3 Month Individual Therapy Package

  • 16 x 45 Minute 1:1 Sessions
  • In Person or Online
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Payment Plans

AED 15,000


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6 Week Online Group Therapy

  • 12 x 45 Minute Group Sessions
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Individual ERP Therapy Plans
  • Next Program starts Monday 1st November 2021
  • AED 3750


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Coaching for Parents

  • 12 x 45 Minute Group Sessions
  • Evidence-based Anxiety Management Plan
  • SPACE Program by Dr Eli Lebowitz for parents of anxious children
  • Next Program starts Monday 1st November 2021

AED 3750


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  • Online Classes to Manage Anxiety
  • Support Group
  • Printable Resources

AED 360 per month


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Hi, I'm Claire Peirson!

I develop evidence-based positive psychology interventions for young people who want to manage their worries, stress and anxiety.

I offer in person and online therapy for young people who are suffering with high levels of anxiety and I support parents with the SPACE coaching program to help cope with child anxiety.

I had high anxiety as an adolescent and experienced: insomnia, intrusive thoughts, fear of failure, panic disorder and overwhelm.

I'm passionate about helping families so you don't have to struggle anymore and you get the support you need.

Book a call and let's make a plan for you.

MSc Applied Positive Psychology, BA Hons Primary Education, Advanced Dip Psychotherapy , Counselling & CBT

CPD: ACT for Children & Adolescents, ACT for OCD, Exposure Therapy for Children & Adolescents, SPACE Program for Parents

Coaching Qualifications: NLP Master Level


What People Are Saying...

"Thank you for teaching me The Stop Technique. I use it before exams."

Age 12

"I used the random act of kindness challenge to help when my anger got out of control."

Age 11

"I've been so overwhelmed with what my child has learnt that I've decided to study positive psychology myself!"


The Mental Strength Upgrade


I'm designing a confidence-building programme for children aged 4-8 years.

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