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A membership for families parenting a child or teen with anxiety.

All the behind the scenes secrets from a child therapist in easy to follow steps:

  • Action plans
  • Checklists
  • Scripts coaching check-in calls to keep you accountable and supported.

Know exactly what to say; when to say it and how to manage your own words and actions to crush anxiety and help your child deal with intrusive thoughts and fear-based behaviour.

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Memberships for Families Who Want to Crush Anxiety & OCD!

Raising Mentally Fit Kids' Membership for Parents

Are you parenting a child with anxiety or OCD? Would you like to know what to say and what to do to help them? This is the support you need. It is an anxiety treatment for your child but they don't have to be involved - I will train you with a twelve-step process so you can formulate a plan to break free from anxiety.


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Anxiety Busting Bootcamp for 10-18 year olds

Our Anxiety Busting Bootcamp for 10-18 years olds is a membership for young people who want to free themselves from the intense worries that come with anxiety. Your child will have six hours of therapy every month so they can crush their anxiety, face their fears and learn self-regulation techniques to calm down and focus during times of stress.


Hi, I'm Claire Peirson!

Do you need evidence-based therapy for young people who want to manage anxiety?

There are two ways of getting support: The Anxiety Busting Bootcamp Online therapy for 10-18 year olds and the Raising Mentally Fit Kids' Parent SPACE coaching program to help you treat child anxiety at home.

Both are memberships that give you therapy for young people or coaching for parents.

I'm passionate about helping families so you don't have to struggle anymore and you get the support you need.

Book a call so I can suggest which membership is best suited for you. Let's make a plan straight away!

MSc Applied Positive Psychology, BA Hons Primary Education, Advanced Dip Psychotherapy , Counselling & CBT

CPD: ACT for Children & Adolescents, ACT for OCD, Exposure Therapy for Children & Adolescents, SPACE Program for Parents

Coaching Qualifications: NLP Master Level

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What People Are Saying...

"Thank you for teaching me The Stop Technique. I use it before exams."

Age 12

"I used the random act of kindness challenge to help when my anger got out of control."

Age 11

"I've been so overwhelmed with what my child has learnt that I've decided to study positive psychology myself!"


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Parent FAQs

When you book a call the fifteen minutes goes by very quickly, so here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

I can help your child if they have anxiety or OCD. This is an area of specialism forme and one I'm experienced in and passionate about.

In 2 ways: 1) Your child will join a membership called ‘Anxiety Busting Bootcamp’.It’s a monthly subscription with six hours of therapy2) You will join the Raising  Mentally Fit Kids's Parent Membership. Both are evidence-based anxiety & OCD treatments for children and young people with online group support from me.

They get six hours of group therapy per month, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A therapy resource online members’ portal, Recorded masterclasses on psycho education, self-regulation and education about anxiety disorders and OCD.

Anxiety treatment takes commitment and consistency. It involves the whole family and is tough. You will need my support and I will need to know you are fully committed and on board. Having a membership benefits you because you get more therapy hours for less money, plus lots of extra resources you can easily access

Allocate a minimum of three months. Anxiety takes a while to develop and usually, by the time children get therapy there are some negative thought patterns and behaviours that are deeply ingrained and are going to take time to adjust.

Anxiety is treated using a therapy called Exposure Response. It is the gold standard method for anxiety and OCD. It is tough therapy that involves your child facing their fears in a safe, controlled way.

You will have home tasks to complete every week with your child. I encourage you to start a reward system to keep them motivated. We supplement the exposure therapy with psychoeducation and self-regulation technique

They will have frequent and intense worries, intrusive thoughts or perform rituals orcompulsions. They may have meltdowns and find it difficult to self-regulate. Theirfears will have a negative impact on their day to day life, including social andacademic. Their fears will seem irrational or illogical and take up a lot of your time.They will use safety behaviors such as avoidance, distraction or need reassurance,and they will often be in a state of fight, flight or freeze.

I will refer you to another mental health professional. I only work with children and adolescents who present with anxiety related disorders.

No, I stopped face to face therapy because it was too disruptive during COVID. Allsessions are on Zoom

No, research shows that group therapy is one of the most effective ways to treatanxiety with young people. Your child will have an initial individual session with meto understand the theme of their anxiety and investigate core fears. After this, I willput them in a group with children who are the same age or who have similar fears.Their first exposure is coming to the sessions!

A lot of parents say this, and it makes me smile because young people respond brilliantly in group work. They love sharing with others about the challenges they’re going through. The children support each other. They learn so much more than how to manage their anxiety. I am not taking on any one on one clients right now because the group work is successful, fun, engaging and has high efficacy

The groups are small with a maximum of eight children in each session. Sometimes the children know each other. It happens and we deal with it.

I have a monthly check-in with you and you have access to the child’s membership area where all their therapy resources are stored. You can message me with your concerns and you can ask questions and get extra support in our closed Facebook group for parents. Anxiety therapy is different to other types of therapy - I am open and transparent with you. Parents and care-givers provide a vital part of the treatment..

You are not responsible for your child’s anxiety, however you are an important part of the solution. I offer a separate membership for parents called ‘Raising Mentally Fit Kids’. It is an anxiety treatment for your child, but they are not involved - it is focused on your behaviour. It’s taken from the work of Dr Eli Lebowitz from YaleChild Center called SPACE. The training reduces your accommodation of anxiety and increases your support. No more saying, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ I’ll coach you on what to do with a structured framework, based on ten years of child anxiety and OCD research. It is a twelve-week intervention. It is a separate monthly subscription to the child therapy.

Your child will have six hours of therapy every month. Session are on Tuesdays and Thursdays


We are flexible and adaptable in our approach to therapy hours. Therapy must enhance your child’s life, not be a hindrance. During holidays the children have a break from therapy, so the sessions are combined to make half-day (3 hour workshops)

How old is your child?
What are their fears?
What’s happening?
When did it start? How long are you spending on your child’s anxiety every day?
What impact does it have on the family? What makes it worse or better?
What do you want to happen?
Can they make the Tuesday and Thursday therapy sessions?
What’s going on for them right now? Is it a good time for them to start therapy?
Would parent coaching be beneficial?

You will get access to your membership area on an online platform called Kajabi. Here you access all the onboarding information to prepare you and your child for your therapeutic journey. We’ll get your child booked in for their Discovery Session -this is a short zoom call with me, so I can ask them some questions about their fears, what is important to them in life and what their therapy goals are. This is a good time for me to iron out any fears they have about sharing in a group.

You will get access to your membership area on an online platform called Kajabi. Here you access all the onboarding information to prepare you and your child for your therapeutic journey. We’ll get your child booked in for their Discovery Session -this is a short zoom call with me, so I can ask them some questions about their fears, what is important to them in life and what their therapy goals are. This is a good time for me to iron out any fears they have about sharing in a group.

The price for the Academic Year 2022/23 is AED2500 per month for Anxiety Busting Bootcamp child therapy.

You can cancel at any time - the subscriptions are on automatic monthly subscription payment with Stripe. Simply click on your invoice and cancel your monthly subscription. I will follow up with you to ensure your child has a mental well being maintenance plan in place for the future.

No, once you cancel your membership, you will be locked out of the membership portal and the parent Facebook. This is to ensure privacy for the paying members.

I will give you plenty of warning if therapy session times change and the next month’s schedule is shared on the Kajabi membership area, the Facebook group, in weekly emails and as a Whatsapp broadcast.

The benefit of a membership is you pay the same every month. If your child misses a session, they can catch up by watching one of the videos in their membership area. Missing the odd session here and there is fine. They will catch up and I can give them some extra exposures to work on during the week.

Yes! Even if you join mid-month, I will work out a discounted subscription for you, so you only pay for the remaining therapy hours of that month.

BA Hons Primary Education, MSc Applied Positive Psychology, AdvDip Psychotherapy,CBT & Counselling, CPD: ACT, OCD children & adolescents, SPACE


I look forward to meeting you soon.

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